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From getting your books set up the right way, to setting (and totally crushing!) your financial goals, to helping you make wise spending decisions, we’ll bring peace to your business finances. And help you sleep better in the process.

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Stress-free bookkeeping
For business owners

Zero Judgments

You’re in business and that’s awesome. Whatever your books look like right now is a great starting point.


Pricing, process, and systems are all simplified, clear, and easy to understand.


I have checks and balances, audits, and approvals so you see exactly what’s going on.


I have 5 kids – I’ve had great practice translating concepts into clear, actionable explanations.


We’ll set up a rhythm of monthly check-ins so you’re always up to date.

Online Expert

I’m certified in QuickBooks Online, and am trained to get you set up in the right way.

Here’s what our business owners think:

Cory Morris Better Bookkeeping

Hi, I’m Cory Morris.
My biggest passion is budgets.

Not joking.

Over the years, I’ve seen how budgets, great bookkeeping, and solid reporting can transform a business, and, most importantly, business owners. I’ve seen owners go from stressed and overworked to downright relieved. Once they have a grasp on their numbers, they have permission to work a bit less, hire a bit more help, and buy better equipment.

I can’t wait to help you find your own peace and joy in your business bookkeeping.

Take the stress and uncertainty
out of your business bookkeeping.

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