How It Works

See how bookkeeping works
and gain peace of mind
in just four steps.

How Bookkeeping Works – Step 1

Introductory meeting or zoom call.

We’ll get a good grasp on your business, what your goals are, and your current setup. And I promise you, this is 100% judgment-free. I’m always impressed by business owners — you’re in business and that’s awesome. Period.

How Bookkeeping Works – Step 2

Get your accounts up to date and accurate.

No matter where your accounts are right now, we’ll get you completely squared away in QuickBooks Online, and put your accounts in order. Trust me, it’ll feel SO GOOD when this part is done.

How Bookkeeping Works – Step 3

Set up a rhythm of monthly check-ins.

Each month we’ll review where you’re at and take a look if your books are matching your goals. I’ll translate your numbers for you and point out trends I’m seeing and any areas that might need to be tweaked.

How Bookkeeping Works – Step 4

Confident financial decision making.

I’m also here to help you make smart spending decisions. Once you’re set up and know where you’re going, I can help you know if it’s a good time to hire, buy equipment, give your employees a raise, and any other number of spending decisions you’ll have to make.

Transparent pricing

Running a business rarely looks the same month to month and I want you to feel free to call me and not worry if you’re racking up a huge hourly bill. We do a flat monthly rate based on what you need, and you’ll know what all goes into that rate.

Transparent Pricing for Bookkeeping

What I do for you

In addition to setting goals and making sure you’re on the right path, I also:

  • Verify transactions (Traditional bookkeeping)
  • Create and maintain financial statements:
    • – Balance Sheet
    • – Profit & Loss
    • – Statement of Cash Flows
  • Analyze your cash flow
  • Create and help you maintain budgets
  • Set up a chart of accounts
  • Provide general financial therapy
    (It’s okay, we all need it sometimes!)

Here’s what our business owners think:

No! In fact, for some clients, I completely manage all the books, and we just go over the reports on a regular cadence.

Your books can be a wonderful tool, but they can be different tools depending on how they are set up. Here’s the difference between what I do and what your accountant does:

  1. Your accountant is setting them up to pay taxes (important).
  2. Your accountant is setting up your books so you don’t go to jail (also important!).
  3. In addition to doing both of those things above, we also set up your books so that you can have comfort making financial decisions (a major bonus!).
  4. And you probably only meet with your accountant once a year — but we hope you aren’t making financial decisions only once a year! We’ll make sure you’re on track and in a good place every month.

Absolutely! Good accounting controls (which we can help with) are important regardless of where or how your financial information is stored and accessed.

Your bank will set us up with ‘View Only’ access to just see statements and transactions but not change anything.

Using an online, cloud-based system means that your files are backed up by large organizations, rather than the “automatic” backup on your computer (that was unplugged a couple of years ago, and yeah, should probably be plugged in again).

With an online element, if something were to happen to your office computer, you could resume from any other computer without any loss of time or data.

Nope! I’ve set up my pricing model so that you can call me without worrying about accruing a huge bill.

I’m all about transparency, so I have many ways for you to see exactly what I’m doing. Here are just a few ways:

  1. I have an audit log where you can check my work.
  2. You have to approve all vendors and payments.
  3. You can choose to give me read-only access to your accounts. Or you can just send me statements.
  4. We go over all my work together every month.
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Peace of mind is within reach.

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